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xpurple_kittyx EternalModwe are twins. XD
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xpurple_kittyx EternalModATTN ALL MEMBERS OF MIRROR:

We are opening the new server up for the public on November 24th 2017....
xpurple_kittyx EternalMod  ATTN NOT CLOSING THE 26th. Closing Mirror on November 30th. For Good. Mirror will close on November...
MrC   published MirrorCraft is going to be shutdown. on News
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MrCSince MirrorCraft is going to be dead soon it is now no longer included in a server network its just a single server running survival. So no more Lobby, Creative, Games world.. you can still use the same IP to connect however.

Also voting has been disabled from today.
Krynne Eternal  Though I do have a strange question...why take down creative? Some folks (like Yang who is away...
xpurple_kittyx EternalMod  Krynne The old creative is on the new server. It was just transferred to the new server ..not erased.. Im unsure if we will be wiping creative or keeping it but we will make sure that you get your screenshots if we decide to wipe it..but i do not think that we will be deleting it. :)
MrC   i see now the full message didn't get sent for some reason it was meant to be.

Since MirrorCraft is going to be dead soon it is now no longer included in a server network its just gonna be survival on its own, also votes have been disabled don't worry tho Creative isn't gone its just been transferred.

xpurple_kittyx EternalModWe were planning to open up the new server in time for the new year but we have decided to get this thing going as soon as we can. Plan for it to open up by the end of the month. I know alot has happened & alot of negative things were said but just know that i am truely putting my heart into this new server and I will go to bat to defend this community & the server every single time if there is something that might hurt someone thats apart of the community. Each of you has spent precious time with us and this server & I want you to know that I am excited for the future and what we can accomplish together. I am excited for you guys to see what we have been building for YOU. We can build this server up together. Just have a little faith. A little faith can go a long way. Give us a chance. Let the past be in the past. & lets move forward. Positive vibes only. Much love to you all. .. gotta get back to work ... <3 - Kitty
xpurple_kittyx EternalMod  Ps I want to thank you for the support.
micgel Eternal  donated $20.00 to mirrorcraft.
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MrC   Thank you so much Micgel <3
xpurple_kittyx EternalMod  thanks micgel! miss seeing ya hope life is well
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xpurple_kittyx EternalModLobby Contest is closing in just 7 days! <3
MrC   published Maintanence Mode on MM
Unknown User  added 30 Advanced days to mirrorcraft
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MrCOur new halloween themed lobby that ya'all will spawn in starting today. Don't get to scared now, mwuhahaha.
Halloween spawn
MirrorCraft Halloween spawn 2017
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Krynne Eternal  I really wish my pumpkin was able to fit there somewhere hehe
MrC   is it really big or a small one?
Krynne Eternal  It's kinda big... it's next to my Christmas Village in my creative area if you want to see it :)
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